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About the journal:

This peer reviewed online journal was inspired by the immense research productivity of recent collaborative projects undertaken by members of the Centre for Studies in Otherness. These have included conferences, seminars, special edition journal issues and a hard copy edited essay collection published in 2011.

Via ‘Otherness: Essays & Studies’, we seek to publish research articles from and across different academic disciplines that examine, in as many ways as possible, the concepts of otherness and alterity. As such, we now offer an outlet for the dissemination of such research into otherness and aim to provide an open and active forum for academic discussion. We particularly appreciate dynamic cross-disciplinary study. We envisage that forthcoming issues of the journal will relate to topics within the context of Otherness studies and members and colleagues of the Centre are welcome to propose research ideas and themes for more focused studies.

Please keep an eye out on this website for upcoming calls for papers. For further information on the journal, please contact the editors at otherness.research@gmail.com.

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Journal Issue: Otherness: Essays and Studies 6.1 and 6.2


The Centre for Studies in Otherness presents the double issue of Otherness: Essays and Studies Volume 6, December 2018, edited by Matthias Stephan

The current volume of Otherness: Essays and Studies represents our first double issue, combining a special issue, dedicated to fandom and celebrity studies, with our 2018 general issue, the fifth such general issue of the journal.

The special issue 6.1, Otherness and Transgression in Fandom and Celebrity Studies, builds upon the successful international conference hosted by the Centre for Studies in Otherness at Aarhus University in 2014. This special issue continues that conversation with four contributions which span the breadth of the two topical disciplines. Not only have the concepts of otherness and transgression permeated the thinking leading to this issue, but they have remained salient in both fields in the past few years. 


Our general issue 6.2, Otherness and Representation, is the fifth such general issue of Otherness: Essays and Studies, and the first such issue since 2014. The issue presents a range of disciplines, from the historical to the literary, and each has a focus not only on otherness but also on representation. Representation is topical, permeating contemporary discourse in a variety of ways. The term is multivalent, in which it can imply a standing in for, a replacement of, speaking for (or instead of), or even simply a changed presentation of a concept, person or even community. Each of these definitions of the concept of representation are highlighted in our eight contributions, which are spread across not only academic discipline, but national boundaries, timespans, and media. 

Read the current issue here Otherness: Essays and Studies 6.1 and 6.2, December 2018